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Zirconium Oxide, Zirconium Oxide Calcium Dioxide or Zirconium Oxide Magnesium Oxide is ceramic powder. After coating, it forms a thermal barrier on metals and is a corrosion-resistant ceramic.

Zirconium oxide is a ceramic powder in zirconium oxide calcium dioxide, zirconium oxide magnesium oxide or zirconium oxide yttrium oxide alloy. The purpose of choosing zirconium oxide ceramic coating powder in industry is to protect metals against corrosion at high temperatures. Zirconium oxide ceramic coating is a ceramic coating that has very high crack and dispersion resistance, unlike other ceramic coatings. Zirconium oxide ceramic coating creates a thermal barrier and protects metals against heat corrosion caused by high temperature. Zirconium oxide ceramic coating provides the best protection against corrosion, especially in combustion chambers, casting crucibles, machine parts that deal directly with heat and similar working environments. Zirconium oxide ceramic coating is that provides the best protection against corrosion of metals required by the thermal barrier in the industry and is often preferred. 

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