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It is used in 88/12 Tungsten Carbide Cobalt or 86/10-4 Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Chromium alloy. The high surface hardness after coating is 70-75 HRC and it is a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating. 88/12 tungsten carbide cobalt 86/10/4 tungsten carbide cobalt is an alloy used in chromium alloy. Coating application is performed by hvof method. The high surface hardness after tungsten carbide coating reaches 70-75 hrc. Tungsten carbide is preferred in cases where metals need to show high wear resistance. Tungsten carbide coating is a coating that is especially preferred against abrasive wear, friction wear and corrosion wear of metals in the iron and steel sector, petrochemical sector, paper packaging sector, wire drawing sector, machinery manufacturing sector, energy sector and metal manufacturing sector and reaches high hardness and has high wear resistance. This coating is an alternative to the ser chrome coating used in industry, or even a coating with much superior properties and at least five times longer working life. Tungsten carbide decking is preferred in various sectors with surface roughness between Ra 3 and 12. Therefore, tungsten carbide coating is a very special coating that allows machine parts and cylinders to work with maximum performance at the desired surface roughness value in accordance with the customer’s request. 

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