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It is 99% pure Chromium Oxide ceramic powder. After coating, a surface hardness of 65-70 HRC is formed. 

It is a ceramic that is resistant to friction and corrosion. It is pure chromium oxide and alloy chromium oxide ceramic powder. It is applied by plasma coating method. After coating, it gives a surface hardness of about 65-70 hrc. Chrome oxide coating is a coating that resists friction wear, crozion wear and chemical abrasions of machine parts. Chrome oxide ceramic coating is often preferred in various fields of industry. Chromium oxide ceramic coating is widely used in textile industry, wire drawing industry, machinery industry, petrochemical industry, and chemical industry. Thanks to the high wear resistance of the chrome oxide ceramic coating, the metals that are coated work efficiently at the maximum level in the environment in which they work. In chrome oxide ceramic coating, rough coatings with high RA values can be made according to the working properties of metals, or coatings with much lower surface roughness values can be made chrome oxide ceramic coating is often preferred in godets, galats, thread walkers where polypropylene threads pass, and in notphases that guide the rope, on spools of yarn. Mechanical seals are also especially preferred in high pressure pistons, sleeves and various machine parts. Chromium oxide ceramic coating is the most widely used ceramic alloy powder in the industry in ceramic powders. 

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