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It is used as 99% zinc or 85/15 zinc aluminum alloy. These are coatings used as spray galvanized, which show high corrosion resistance. 

Pure zinc or 85/15 zinc is used as an aluminum alloy. It is a coating applied in the protection of metals against corrosion. Metallizing is the name of the application. It is more commonly known as Spray Galvanization. Metallizing Coatings are used for coating large building elements and large machine bodies. Metallizing coating is applied as an alternative to coating, which is known as zinc coating in the market and is applied by immersion method. Zinc coating cannot be used with the bath method because large parts do not fit into boilers and bathrooms. If it is a metallizing application, that is, spray galvanizing application, it can be applied regardless of the dimensions of the metal to be coated. It is the method that gives the best efficiency in covering steel construction applications, bridges, stadiums, special steel structures, large body machines and large condactors in the first place. It can be made in the desired thickness according to the customer’s preference by using Flame Spray and Ark Spray methods. Our company is successfully applying metallizing (zinc) spray galvanization application by using both methods.

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