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They are aluminum-based coatings. It is a coating that shows high corrosion resistance. It is the coating that withstands outdoor corrosion and water vapor corrosion. 

Aluminum coatings are used to protect metals against corrosion. It is also a coating used in condactors, aircraft fuselages with electrical conductivity. It is mostly applied in wire form and using flame spray, arc spray methods. It is a coating made primarily for the energy sector, aircraft industry, defense industry, machinery manufacturing industry, as well as for the protection of large steel contracts against corrosion before painting. Aluminum coatings are also coated to protect large machine bodies, steel contractions stadiums, steel bridges, flagpoles as well as areas of large dimensions against corrosion. Aluminum coatings are successfully applied by our company in accordance with the demands of various sectors. 

with 30 years of sectoral experience and expert staffed Metser Coating...