Metser Kaplama


ISO 9001:2008

30 Years Of


Our company provides services on protective and restorative coatings by choosing the most suitable material and coating method against abrasions caused by working conditions for facilities in sectors such as Textile, Glass, Iron, Steel, Petrochemical, Paper, Printing, Packaging, Chemical, Wire Drawing, Defense, Energy and Metal/Manufacturing.

Our company, which has been operating since 2004, has always adopted the principle of providing reliable, trouble-free solutions to its customers with its expert management, competent and academic staff support by using advanced technology and modern engineering solutions without compromising on quality.

The guarantee of the continuity of our success and quality in production is our meticulous work and the service we offer.

As Metser, we are proud to continue to be your solution partner at all times with the valuable attention and support of you with the services we provide.