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They are cobalt-based coatings. There are Stellite1,Stellite6,Stellite12 and Stellite21 varieties. They are materials that can maintain their red hardness at high temperatures. The surface hardness is 30-55 HRC and it is a coating resistant to high temperatures, abrasion and corrosion.


They are cobalt-based coatings. There are alloys of stellite 1 stellite 6 stellite 12 and stellite 21. Coating application is carried out by various methods. It is the only material that can maintain red hardness at high temperatures. Stellite coatings have a hardness of 30-55 HRC. It is a coating suitable for high heat corrosion, metal-to-metal friction, thermal shocks and working in chemical environments. They are the preferred coatings for extending the working life of metals in a wide variety of sectors, especially in the iron and steel sector, glass industry, petrochemical industry, metal manufacturing industry, chemical industry, packaging industry. The corrosion resistance is quite high thanks to the high proportion of cobalt in it. Stellite coatings are also highly resistant to chemicals. After coating, if it is applied by welding method, it is necessary to use special inserts. If stellite coatings are applied by thermal spray method, they can be ground with special diamand stones. Stellite coatings can be reduced to the desired surface roughness by grinding and polishing. Stellite is a coating that is frequently preferred in the industry and has a very wide field of use.  

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